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Manicure - Pedicure
manicures manicures
Classic Manicure (15 Min.)
Deluxe Manicure (22 Min.)
Milkf & Honey Manicure (25 Min.)
Beverly Manicure (30 Min.)
Heavenly Manicure (35 Min.)

Classic Pedicure (30 Min.)
A standard pedicure at Beverly Nail Salon but a speciality deluxe pedicure else where, includes pedicure treatments with sugar scrub, warm-hot towel wrap and finised with a 10 minutes soothing massage and polish or buff to shine.
Spa Pedicure (35 Min.)
Indulge your feet in an aromatic foot bath, while having your legs exfoliated with a sugar scrub, callus removal, hot towel wrap. This pedicure also includes a 10 minutes soothing foot massage of moisturizing scented lotion. Finish with polish or buff to shine.
Milk & Honey Pedicure (45 Min.)
Milk soak, nails trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal. Natural and Honey sugar exfoliation scrub, hot towel wrap, infused with pure milk and honey, soothe Skin and replenish essential nutrient. A moisturizing honey wrap and your choice of paraffin treatment or hot stone renew skin's surface. 15 minute massage finish with your choice of polish.
Detox Pedicure (45 Min.)
This one of our the most enjoyable pedicures, includes Detox Charcoal Foot Soak, purifying scubr, hot towel wrap, moisturizing mask, your choice of paraffin treatment or hot stone anda 15 minute foot massage. This ultimate detox spa will leave your skin feeling like new with the power of black Charcoal.
Deluxe Pedicure (40 Min.)
Indulge your feet in an aromatic foot bath, while having your legs exfoliated with a sugar scubr, callus removal, followed by a mask treatment wrapped with warm-hot towels and paraffin treatment to help alleviate dry cracked heels. This pedicure also includes a 12 minute soothing foot massage of moisturizing scented lotion. Finish with polish or buff to shine.
Heavenly Pedicure (60 Min.)
This specialy pedicure will take you to heaven with its dream ingredients, callus removal, sugar scubr exoliate, hydrating mask wrapped in warm-hot towel wrap and paraffin treatment to lock in moisture, hot stone massage to help circullate blood flow and an extended 20 minute foot massage leaving you feel like yo're on cloud nine with your choice of pedicure scents.
Beverly Pedicure (55 Min.)
Treat your feet to an innovate signature pedicure. Having your feet bathe in a tropical fruit soak with its natural acid, peeling away dull and dry skin. This will include callus removal, citrus exfoliation, botanical mask, warm-hot towels and your choice of paraffin treatment or hot stone massage. A 18 minute massage will be the final touch to boost radiance and roll back the clock.

Top choices for scents
Feeling Discomfort? - Jasmine Soothe
Jasmine Petal Extract
Soothe & Purity Your Skin. Jasmine improves the skin elasticity and helps fade stretch marks and scars.
Stressed? - Lavender Relieve
Lavender Oil & Extract
Lavender Aromatherapy. Lavender benefits in being antispetic and anti-fungal which helps reduce scarring and speed healing.
Dehydrated? - Green Tea Detox
Green Tea Extract
Full Detoxify & Hydrate your feet. Green tea is used to reduce dryness to the skin it also prevents premature aging.
Dulled? - Mango Delight
Mango Extract
Give your feet delight. Mango has the ability to reduce dark spots and blemishes creating a natural glow to your skin.
Swollen Feet? - Ocean Refresh
Algae & Peppermint
Refresh & Cool with Peppermint. Seaweed extract helps to increase circulation Peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation.
Need Some Glow? - Cucumber Fresh
Cucumber Extract
Freshed your feet for a vibrant & healthy glow. Cucumber helps mask all the problem areas it also helps oothe & soften your skin.
Fatigue? - Tangerine Twist
Vitamin C
Keep your feet skin happy & healthy. Tangerine contains anti fugal and antiseptic properties which help prevent and treat skin infections as well as stretch marks.
Rough? - Olive Sensation
Extra virgin olive oil
Revive your feet with Virgin Olive Oil contains Vitamin A & E that helps to repair and renew skin from overexposure to the sun.
SNS Nails
sns sns
Full Set Color
Refill Color
Add French
Shellac - Gel Polish
shellac shellac
* Indulge your hands and shoulders massage 5 min.
Color Gel w/o Mani or Pedi
Manicure with Gel Color
Add French
Gel Take-Off
Solar Nails
shellac shellac
* Free Cut Down & UV Gel
Full Set / Fill In
Solar Pink & White
$45 / $35
Solar Powder Color Tips
$45 / $35
Whole Nails Powder Color
$45 / $35
Solar Powder w/ Polish
$35 / $25
Solar White or American
$35 / $25
Ombre Pink & White
$50 / $40
Solar w/ Color Gel
$45 / $35
shellac shellac
Hand Polish Change
Toe Polish Change
2-Toe Acrylic
Powder Take-Off Only
Coffins / Almond Nail Shapes
Teen Menu
(12 & Under)
children-care children-care
Teen Manicure
Teen Pedicure (Free Designs)
Hands / Toes Color Only
$5 / $7
add-ons add-ons
Paraffin Treatment
Hot Stone Massage
Extra Massage (12 Min.)
Toe Gel Polish
Hand Gel Poish
Long Nails
waxing waxing
Full Face
Under Arm
Half Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs
Brazilian Bikini
eye eye
* Please ask our staffs for more information
skin care skin care
The Beverly (60 Min.)
This facial is customized to improve the healthy appearance of your skin by minimizing blackheads and breakouts while leaving your skin soft and silky and returning the natural glow and radiance that beautiful skin should have. This treatment incorporates deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and if needed, extraction. This service includes specialized masques, toners and moisturizers. This exclusive service also features anti-aging wrinkle cream and sun block. Enjoy a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.